3 Tips For Buying Liquid Filling Equipment

When you are considering purchasing liquid filling equipment there are several things to keep in mind, but where do you even begin? Here are the top 3 things that Data Scale believes our customer or any customers looking to buy liquid filling equipment should keep in mind.

  1. KNOW YOUR PRODUCT. Consider things like the state, viscosity, ad characteristic properties such as flammibilty or acidity before begining your search. It is also important to note whether or not your product has particulates like fruit pieces, sand, or pulp which would require pumps and valves made to accommodate them. Similarly, consider the type and shape of the containers that you will because the manufacturer will have to build a machine that can be compatible with them.
  2. KNOW YOUR FILLER. Much like knowing your product, you must also evaluate what you need from a filler aside from the general CPM (containers per minute) output, pneumatics/electronics, and nuts  and bolts. Whats important to know when buying a filler is whether or not it can grow. What does that mean? Well, consider that when you buy a filler to fill at the capacity you presently seem fit, may not be the capacity you need in a year or so.  Let’s say product demand goes up and your filler can’t keep up , what do you do? Can your filler be upgraded to meet your needs yet again with only a few minor adjustments? You want a filler that meets all your needs, even your future ones.
  3. KNOW THE ACCURACY. You don’t want to give away your products freely and lose money by overfilling, but you also don’t want to face fines and penalties from underweight products either. This is exactly why accuracy is important. Accuracy = Money Saved.

Now that you have all the tips you need to get you started on your search, where do you find a company that can meet your needs? Well with over 40 years in business Data Scale has the experience and precision that liquid filling requires.