Are You Maximizing Your ROI?


Over fill can cost you a loss in profit, but underfill can cost you a penalty for underweight products.

These filling systems can easily pay for themselves from the cost of overfilling. Automation can improve ROI, so let the machines do the work. Accuracy is important, but ROI keeps you in business.

Let’s look at some numbers representing the potential cost of overfill per year.

Cost of 1% overfill @1.00/lb

–> 1 gallon @ (10 lbs per gallon) x 1% overfill = 1/10 lb

–> 1/10 lb  $1.00 per pound = $0.10

–> 10 containers x.1 lb = 1 lb overfill x $1.00 lb = $1.00

–> 100 containers x .1 lb = 10 lbs overfill x $1.00 per pound = $10.00

–> 1000 containers = $100.00

For every 10 containers $1.00 is lost.

10 containers per minute fill rate = 600 containers per hour

LOSS due to overfilling per hour = $60

$60 per hour x 7 hours = $420

LOSS due to overfilling per day = $420

$420 per day x 5 days a week

LOSS due to overfilling per week = $2,100

$2,100 per week x 50 (annually)

LOSS due to overfilling per year = $105,000

Now to put things into perspective, the cost of overfill could easily be resolved simply by the accuracy of your filling equipment. Invest in equipment that will pay for itself. 

Data Scale’s Model 51-T top fill pneumatic Net Weight Filler with 1/10th of a pound accuracy has a base price of $8,000.

Data Scale’s Model 501-T Top Fill “Pneumatic/Electro” Net Weight Filler with 1/100th of a pound accuracy has a base price of $13,000

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