Adjustable Height Fill Head • Mechanical jack with 15” of travel.

Ascending Lance • An exclusive Data Scale feature on sub-surface fillers only.  This discreet system continuously senses the liquid level in the container and raises the lance accordingly.  This limits product contact with the lance.

Automatic Container Handling Package • Pop-up scale mechanism with scale grids.  Automatic conveying and indexing of four or eight containers in group of two or four through staging, filling, and exiting.  Includes pinstops, photo eyes, and 8 or 15 feet of stainless steel continuous chain conveyor with speed control in NEMA 4 enclosure.

Automatic Data Transmission • Automatic data transmission will automatically send data to a serial printer or a computer after each fill is completed.  The controller will send gross weight, tare weight, and net weight after each fill.

Clean Room Special Fill Head • The clean room special includes Teflon air lines, PVC conduit, and stainless steel fittings.

Container Grounding, Automatic • The filler will automatically ground each container before filling it.  The controller will check the contact of the container with earth ground continuously after the lance is down and before the final fill valve is opened.  If the container is in contact with earth ground then no potential difference or static charge can occur.  If the container is not in contact with earth ground then the controller will enter a pause mode, before the valve opens.

Container Grounding, Manual • Manual clamps and ground wire are provided from the manifold and system grounding lug to the container.

Container Sensor • A sensor mounted to the scale or scale conveyor.  The sensor will indicate to the controller if it is OK to fill. (No Container – No Fill)

Drip Suckback • The drip suckback is at the tip of the lance or lances. It is automatically vacuum controlled.

Explosion Proof Package

X-Purge • The X-purge option eliminates the possibility of an explosion due to gases ignited by an electrical spark inside the control console.  A complete description of purge requirements is supplied in ISA standard S12.4.  The Data Scale purge controls exceed all ISA and NFPA standards.  The purge controls prevent any power from reaching the control console in the absence of adequate purge pressure.  A time delay allows the air volume of the enclosure to be purge 4 times over before electrical power is induced.

Intrinsic Barriers • These Factory Mutual approved current limiting barriers prevent sparks should the load cell cables or any other cables from an input devices be accidentally damaged resulting in an electrical short.

Floor Stand for Control Console • stainless steel stand that attaches to the bottom of the control console and mounts to the floor.

Fume Hood • A shroud directly over the bunghole, which gathers the fumes during the fill.

Harsh Environment Package • This upgrade includes 100% stainless steel full load cell scale, Steel-It stainless steel paint on fill head, and stainless steel hardware.

Hinged Conveyor • Hinged conveyor for combination 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails filling option.  Galvanized 13” working width conveyor on hinged stand mounted to 30” drum conveyor.

Nitrogen Container Purge • This option purges the container through the lance or lances automatically with nitrogen before filling.  A purge time is entered into the controller before starting.  The machine will then purge each container.

Overflow Fail-Safe • Exclusive Data Scale feature.  Shuts final valve when the liquid level reaches a pre-determined height in the container.  Over fail-safe is built into the lance.

Portable Cart • A cart that the filler and lid press or crimper are mounted onto, creating a portable unit.

Product Codes • Data entry of up to 30 numeric product codes.  Each product code stores all the presets for filling.  Once the presets are entered the operator only has to enter the product code and all the presets are recalled from memory.

Pump Control • The 115 VAC switching control for the pump motor will automatically turn the pump on and off as needed.  This helps to prevent damage to the pump.

Remote Emergency Stop Capability • A mechanical relay is incorporated into the control console that must be energized for the system to operate.  When the relay is de-energized, the system will go into an emergency stop mode,

Scale Conveyor Options • Data Scale offers optional power conveyor for the scale.  We offer steel rollers with painted frame, stainless steel rollers with painted frame, or 100% stainless steel (304 or 316).  Data Scale, also, offers gravity conveyors with stainless steel frames and plastic rollers or 100% stainless steel.

Spare Manifold • Interchangeable manifolds with valves and actuators are available.

Spill Containment Pan • The spill containment pan is under the scale conveyor and comes with a drain connection.

Stainless Steel Fill Head • This upgrade includes 100% stainless steel fabricated parts for the fill head.

Steam Jacketed Manifold • The fill manifold is completely steam jacketed with bolt on valve jackets.

Top Fill Conversion • This option includes short top-surface filling lance or lances and a stroke limiter to convert to top-surface for viscous products.

Tote Filling Option • This option allows the machine to fill drums and totes.

Wetted Parts
Food Grade Manifold with Tri-Clamp Ends (100% 316 Stainless Steel)
Hastelloy-C Manifold
Polypropylene Manifold
PVC Manifold
PVDF Manifold