Lid Placer

Automatically places plastic lids onto pails.  Available for both square and round pails.


Available Options

  • Harsh Environment package Stainless Steel Upgrade
  • Ability to Place multiple sized lids
  • Square Lids
  • UV Sanitizing
  • Bung Orientation


Lid Placer

Automatically places plastic lids onto pails. Continuous motion. Manual lid magazine.

Container Size  2-1/2 to 7-gallon Pails

Pneumatic Requirements  80 to 110 P.S.I. – 3 C.F.M. @ 35 to 105 degrees F Output- 25 per Minute Maximum

Electrical Requirements  Not Required


Roll Through Lid Press – Lid Placer -504 IL – De Nester

Fully Automated System For all Types of Products and Containers


Pick N’ Place Lid Placer


Data Scale’s Lid Placer cuts costs and increases efficiency by eliminating the need to manually pry, pick, position, and place lids on pails. Operating at speeds up to 80 lids/minute the Data Scale Lid Placer adjusts to handle a wide variety of different size and shape containers. The Data Scale Lid Placer integrates with our high-speed Roll Through Lid Press for optimum throughput and minimal labor.


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