Dual head in-line automated net-weight filler with continuous flow for filling of a variety of liquids.



  • Automated Net-Weight Filler
  • 2-Head, In-Line, Continuous
  • Dual Head filling system for filling of variety of liquids.

Container Size *1 to 7 gallon open top pails, Square, and Round Pails, Jerry Cans, Cartons, and Boxes.

Output 8 to 14 per minute

Pneumatic Requirements 80 to 100 P.S.I. – 3 C.F.M. @ 35 to 105 degrees F

*Optional 1 Gallon Feature

Available Options

  • Dual Head available in Fixed Sub Surface and Top surface to Meet any filling Requirements
  • Food Grade Features & Options All stainless steel construction, CIP (including quick change spare manifold), Teflon seals including ball valves and wash-down motors & pneumatics.
  • Auto Indexing System
  • Intelligent Industrial designs made to last
  • Automatic Container Handling
  • Cart System
  • Wetted Parts Options
  • Stand for Console
  • Explosion Proof Package
  • Fume Hood
  • Pump Control


Roll Through Lid Press – Lid Placer -504 IL – De Nester

Fully Automated System For all Types of Products and Containers

Controls Featuring Data Scale’s electronic/pneumatic control console and automatic filling program with dribble/fast/dribble, auto tare, operator prompting/fill status, serial I/O, no fill/fail-safe for no container, lance misalignment, and lance down interlock. Also operator control on fill; jog, pause, about, flush, and emergency stop.

Mechanism one-piece stainless steel frame with height adjustment for scales and fill head. Fail-safe for lance down and misalignment. Includes; 316 stainless steel lances and manifold assembly with Teflon seat full port ball valves, air to air actuators, spring close fail-safe, and adjustable rate dribble. Lower assembly and automatic drip catcher. Includes pneumatic filter regulator.

Scale 12” by 12” 100 Lb. Capacity and 100% overload. Calibrated to 100 Lb. by 0.01 Lb. Meets NTEP class III requirement.

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