A portable single lance net weight filler with a fixed head for high viscosity, non-foaming liquids.

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Single nozzle automatic net weight filler, for Viscous non-drip liquids. With fixed height nozzle during fill, Open containers, 1-6 gallon.  4-8 cpm Accuracy 0.1#. 

Data Scale pneumatic net weight fill controls:

  • Explosion-proof.

  • Net weight fill cut-off, with preset container tare.

  • Pail sensor on scale, for no pail/no fill & auto start.

  • Emergency stop.

Fixed Height Fill Head: Manifold Mechanism:

  • Adjustable height mounting for scale to align conveyors.

  • Heavy wall welded square Tube steel frame.

  • Quick adjustment for: containers size and height.

  • 316 SS FIXED height, nozzle/manifold assembly with:

  • Teflon seat ball valves, with air/air actuators.

  • 1.5″ product inlet, with 1.5″ final valves.

  • Filter regulator for supply air: 100 PSI @ 10 CFM.

51-T with SALP (Semi-Automatic Lid Press)

Scale: 135 lb. x 1oz.capacity, with three calibrated & one tare poise for net weight filling. Meets NTEP & NBS standards.  Scale Conveyor, gravity;  Includes adjustable guide rails & splash cover over scale & poise to protect scale from damage.  Adjustable height mounting for scale to align conveyor height.

Controls Totally pneumatic with automatic fill start and weight cut off, no container – no fill, emergency stop, and filter regulator. Explosion proof.

Mechanism A one-piece steel painted portable frame with height adjustment for scale and fill head. A 316 stainless steel manifold assembly. Full port ball valves with Teflon seats and spring close fail-safe actuators. Dribble valve manually operated for slow and fast filling.

Scale 135 lb. X 1 oz. Capacity, with three calibrated and one tare poise for net weight filling. Meets NTEP and NBS standards. Includes splash cover over scale and poises. Galvanized 18” x 12” roller conveyor on the scale with container sensor and no container no fill auto start.


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