A portable single lance net weight filler for top-surface filling of non-foaming liquids.



  • Top-Surface
  • Non-Foaming Liquids


Container Size *1 to 7-gallon Containers

Accuracy ± 0.01 lb.

Output 2 to 4 Containers per Minute

Electrical Requirements Not Required

Pneumatic Requirements 80 to 100 P.S.I. – 3 C.F.M. @ 35 to 105 degrees F

*Optional 1-gallon Feature

51-T with SALP (Semi-Automatic Lid Press)


Available Options

  • Wetted Parts Options

  • Food Grade Manifold

  • CPVC Manifold

  • Spare Manifold

  • Stainless Steel Construction

  • Plastic Covers Casters

  • Portable Cart

  • Plastic Lid Press

Controls Totally pneumatic with automatic fill start and weight cut off, no container – no fill, emergency stop, and filter regulator. Explosion proof.

Mechanism A one-piece steel painted portable frame with height adjustment for scale and fill head. A 316 stainless steel manifold assembly. Full port ball valves with Teflon seats and spring close fail-safe actuators. Dribble valve manually operated for slow and fast filling.

Scale 135 lb. X 1 oz. Capacity, with three calibrated and one tare poise for net weight filling. Meets NTEP and NBS standards. Includes splash cover over scale and poises. Galvanized 18” x 12” roller conveyor on the scale with container sensor and no container no fill auto start.

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