Drum Filling



15-30-55 Gallon Drum Filler

5504-M plastic with bellows fume hood
Drum Auto Aligner
5504-M Drum Filler
15,30,55 gal
Solvey 5504

     Net Weight Drum Filler. Featuring Data Scale's electronic/pneumatic control console and automatic filling program with dribble/fast/dribble, auto tare, operator prompting/fill status, no-fill/fail-safe for no container, lance misalignment, and lance down interlock. Also operator control of fill; jog, pause, abort, flush, and emergency stop.


  • Models: 5501-T, 5501-S, 5504-AT, 5504-AS, 5504-MT, 5504-MS, 5502-AF-IL

  • Container Size: 15, 30, 55 Gallon Drum

  • Output: 20-70 Drums Per Hour (Depending on Container, Product, and Model)

  • Accuracy: ± .1 LBS - .5 LBS Depending on Model

  • Electrical Requirements: 115 VAC ±10%, 60 Hz, 3 Amp

  • Pneumatic Requirements: 70 to 100 P.S.I., 3 C.F.M., @ 35 to 105 degrees F

  • Options: Wetted Parts Options, Explosion Proof Package, N2 Container Purge, Steam Jacketed Manifold, Container Sensor, Drum Filling Option, Fume Hood, Clean Room Special Fill Head, Container Grounding, Harsh Environment Package, Top Fill Conversion, Scale Conveyor Options, Pump Control

Model 5501

Model 5502

Model 5504