502 Series

A dual lance/head optionally automated, optionally alternating, net weight pail filling system.

Since 1973, Data Scale has been the industry leader in liquid net weight filling equipment for food and chemical industries. Data Scale is the oldest continually owned and operated manufacturer of liquid net weight drum & pail filling equipment in North America. Data Scale can provide application system integration, providing innovative real world solutions for your liquid filling and automation needs.


  • Container Size 1 to 7 gallon open top pails, Square, and Round Pails, Jerry Cans, Cartons, and Boxes.
  • Output 4 to 14 per minute (Depending on model)
  • Pneumatic Requirements: 80-100 P.S.I. – 3 C.F.M. @ 35-105 degrees F


Net Weight Pail/Box/Jug/Can Filler. Featuring Data Scale’s electronic/pneumatic control console and automatic filling program with dribble/fast/dribble, auto tare, operator prompting/fill status, no-fill/fail-safe for no container, lance misalignment, and lance down interlock. Also operator control of fill; jog, pause, abort, flush, and emergency stop.

502 Series