A portable single lance net weight filler for sub-surface filling of foaming liquids.



Single lance automatic net weight, SUB-surface filler for foaming liquid. Adjusts for 1-6 gallon containers. 2-4 cpm.  Accuracy 0.01#.  Completely assembled and fill tested at the factory.

Data Scale electro/pneumatic weight controller; 100# X 0.01#

  • Featuring Allen-Bradley Micro 850 PLC.

  • Panel View seven-inch touch screen. 

  • Start & E-Stop buttons.

  • Operator prompting, fill status, pause, abort.

  • NEMA XII control enclosure 16″X16″, 115 VAC 3 AMP.

  • Manual buttons for lance control, fill top off, sample, and flush

Automatic net weight filling program with: Touch Screen

  • Automatic Learn: fill accuracy Pre-ac adjust. 

  • Fill Pause and Resume mode.

  • 3 speed filling program: slow/fast/dribble, Touch screen settable.

  • Auto tare with motion sensing.

  • Auto fill accuracy adjust.

  • No fill fail-safe for lance misalignment. 

  • No fill fail-safe for lance down. 

  • Ascending lance during fill, programmable weight based.

  • Lance position sensors & special program. 

  • Fail safe prevents lance from coming out of pail during filling.

  • Serial & Ethernet & Input/output CAPABLE. 


501-S With SALP (Semi-Automatic Lid Press) on Cart with Casters

SUB-Surface Fill Head: Manifold Lift Mechanism:

  • Heavy wall welded square Tube steel frame.

  • Quick adjustment for: containers size and height.

  • Lower arm assembly, Stainless Steel.

  • Automatic Drip Catcher, Stainless Steel.

  • Lance wiper/guide,

  • 316 SS SUB-surface, lance/manifold assembly.

  • Full Port ball valves, with Teflon seat & air/air actuators.

  • Spring close fail-safe for product fill valve.

  • No fill fail safe sensors for lance misalignment.

  • No fill fail safe sensors for lance down.

  • 1.5″ product inlet, with 1.25″ final valve, lance.

  • Braided vinyl connector hose with swivel support.

  • Adjustable rate dribble control.

  • Filter regulator for supply air: 100 PSI @ 10 CFM.


Scale 12″ x 12″, 100# capacity, 100% overload. NTEP class III.  Includes galvanized roller conveyor on scale.


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